I left the damn nicotine patch on again

And it made me wake up from crazy ass nightmares after three hours of sleep wide awake. Can’t go back to sleep, tried everything, even had a couple of beers.

■■■■ I hate putting the goddamn Jack o’lantern on my head when I wake up. Now I’m in the florid garden of psychosis sitting here waiting for meds time, which is in ducking three hours.

■■■■! I’m a psychotic duck? I thought I was a mouse? I am a mouse. ■■■■ that noise.


What strength patch are you on?

I couldn’t do the patch for just that reason. The night!ares were cruel and unusual and bizarre! Like wtf!!!

14mg. I usually take it off at bed but I was really sleepy and forgot to last night. Oh well. Sort of ■■■■■■ up my night but I’ll workout double today and sleep it off tonight. Class today consists of turning in a paper and watching videos that aren’t important. The prof said to bring popcorn. I will probably just carb load in a few hours, hit class and sip on an energy drink and then ■■■■ the gym up with my infamous presence.

If you’ve been on the 14mg for more than 30 days, you should be able to step it down to 7 no problem.

I tried 7mg and it made me lose my ■■■■. I think the nicotine helps my cognitive functioning- I got scatterbrained and derailed a lot on the 7mg patch.

Could always do a 7 and a half, so 10.5?

I did that for a week with mixed results- I was stable enough but I was also agitated and felt a NEED for even more exercise. It also got fussy with the cutting patches in half and ■■■■. I also had some bad cravings and caved in and smoked a cigar on 10mg.