I left my job a month ago

I left my job a month ago and am nervous to call and ask about my check. I worked 4 days but I never called to say I officially quit. What should I say when I call? I am mostly calling to see if they have a check for me but I feel so bad that I just upped and left.

They should have a check for you. I left two jobs for hospitalization and never warned them I was leaving and both sent me checks. It took about a month for each to send me a check but one of the checks was for 3 grand. If a call causes too much anxiety you can always send an email or have someone else call for you.

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Yeah I was gonna have my mom call but she’s just making me do it lol maybe if I wait longer the checks will appear in the mail… @Air

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The check is required by law, they have no choice, its in government files unless you’re working cash under the table as we say here.
Usually when I quit they call me the same day, I tell them I am going back to university so it doesn’t stain my records if I apply for a future job.

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I get the nervousness around it. Part of the reason I am stuck in my job is because I am too afraid to tell them I’m quitting, but I can’t anyway because I haven’t found anything.

If the checks don’t come, instead of reaching out to the manager you worked with can you contact the HR department? that might be easier to speak with people you didn’t directly work with

I worked as a delivery driver for one shift. Gave me paranoia so I quit. It took like a month but they sent me the check. I was nervous to call too