I lack physical energy

I have 2 problems.
One, my quality of sleep is very low.
I don’t get from sleep what I need to get.
Two, I get constant discomfort surrounding my nose and breathing.
I feel both problems are severe,
and overall I lack physical energy.
I already exercise so exercise won’t solve the problem.


Oh I feel you.
I have the exact same problem.
Can’t stay asleep I wake up from nightmares usually…
Constantly drained. Everyday…
I work out 30 minutes everyday. Have done so for a long time cause it helps my moods.
But yet still always wrecked…
I hope you find something that helps <3

I’ve been taking this nutritional supplement called “black seed oil”. I don’t know if it lives up to the claims of its promoters, but it does seem like I sleep longer and harder since I started using it. If you want to try it, shop around, because the price varies widely. I’ve found the cheapest black seed oil to be “Hemani” black seed oil.

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Sz is energy drainer …!!!


See article about perennial rhinitis (nasal allergy). About 15% of the population have this and I had it too. It causes difficulty breathing and mucus build-up.