I know to you young kids I must be somebody out of the dark ages, but

My mother, who was born in 1908, thought sex wasn’t normal. There was such a lack of sex education that we hardly knew whether we were boys or girls until puberty sort of forced on us a semblance of awareness. Mother never said out loud that sex was insane behavior, but to her, I’m sure it seemed so. Be thankful for modern day awareness but don’t be steered down a wrong path by it. :slight_smile:

I’ve still never had sex with another human being before…just demons…I am disgusting :disappointed:


I could never get my hormones and my mind to cooperate. Sex requires stability and a lot of money. For a long time, I had neither.


Yes I think the same with me, I have no stability. I can’t handle relationships either. It’s better I’m single. Maybe someday a guy will come along that changes my mind but it’s just easier this way.

Sex does have requirements but lots of money is not one of them…


Ii was thinking fertility and babies.


Time tested sensible advice. You are a keeper, chordy.

They need to find a balance, once upon a time sex wasn’t normal, now you aren’t considered normal if you don’t have sex! :slight_smile:

Or stability. I think there are a lot of unstable people out there having sex. It’s a drug, a tool, a distraction, a pleasure, a nightmare, a way to express love, or dominance…
And it’s free…


You’re not disgusting. Being abused does not diminish your personal value in any way.