I know the ingredients to the episodoes of psychosis

i have the method to my fall

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Congratulations, that is a huge step. It is up to the individual to understand their own inner workings. That is a major part of recovery and management.


Please share so others can learn from what you’ve learned.


pedro are you 27 years?

i have it in my heart and mind what went wrong, and the many reasons why i crashed in 2000, for you too get the correct picture i would have to write a autobiography

im 32 now karl…

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You should write your autobigrahy. Ive read about a dozen…they’ve all been worth the read. They talk about their lifes which are good to learn from and inspire.

There is a publisher in th euk which specialises in publishing mental illness autobiographies. Its www.chipmunkapublishing.com

You get paid nout I hear but you get your book published easily as its a social enterprise initiative. One of the owners has mental illness himself and is an entreneurpeur to boot.

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only thing im not good at writing stories

ingredients for psychosis;
you will need;

one pinch of ocd
a tea spoon of depression
a cup of ptsd

please whisk together untill you get a fluffy texture…

bake on 180 degrees for 40 minutes…

then eat it all in one sitting with a cup of coffee…good job people.

take care


Half gallon mania helps too