I know that we have enough to worry about....but interesting article on sleep



A refreshing change. I rarely get 8 hours sleep, if I am lucky it is more like 5 hours - 7 - 8 hours is probably the max for me - with the meds that I am currently on. Some meds mess with your sleep cycle - I know benzos do this.
When I was on Seroquel, I was getting up to 10 - 12 hours sleep at times

My daughter suffers from schizoaffective disorder.I just found out about this site.She is 23. She has been on Respirodone,Latuda
and now on Seroquel.I like to know if you are good with Seroquel!!!

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Antipsychotics work differently for everyone - I personally liked Seroquel, but for certain Health reasons had to get off of it.

Ask a psychiatrist about it, if you have any questions on it - Best of luck!