I know paranoia is uncomfortable but

It’s just as bad to assume one is well loved by all.


Some people live in ignorance and bliss constantly. They have very little fears, nothing phases them - this is usually the opposite of how people with my illness reacts to their environment. I live in constant paranoia and fear, its gotten better but it is still there in different degrees. I think its unhealthy to live in a cushioned world and assume everyone is your friend. But living in constant paranoia is no way to go as well. There has to be a healthy middle ground somewhere


I think my paranoia has helped me out in some cases. I hate to say it, but my kid sis has never been kidnapped, except by me ironically. So some of that paranoia has kept her safe and taught her well.

That’s so true but hard to achieve. Judging who is a threat and who isn’t can be very difficult.

With SZA it is difficult for me to control my paranoia, I just wish I had a better handle on it. Finding some more balance would be nice, but yes it is difficult to achieve, especially in today’s uncertain world

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