I know no one anymore

I have been isolated for a little over ten years and my associates have been doctors and therapists, and six family members over the phone and texting and email. I wish I had a close relationship with someone whether friend or romantic so I can say I know someone and not just people I knew so many years ago I’m a different person now. I’m struggling with keeping my family ties from dissolving, I can hold resentments for life. I have literally had I’d say 50 therapists ( they are always leaving the job ) and 50 doctors within 34 years of being sick. Oh, I forgot, I have Facebook friends, most I’ve never met, lol.

I have been without friends also for an extended period of time

When I had friends they belittled me and ripped me off.

Glad I am away from the drug taking people seem to engage in

I just cannot tolerate that sort of thing anymore

Alot of people know me and recognize me but im introvert! :vulcan_salute:

I only have a few friends, but I don’t see them often. Facebook friends…yeah I had many. But when it comes down to it only a few of them could really be called a friend. They should rename it “people you have met at least once” instead of calling it friends to be realistic.

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