I know more about classic rock than you think


Yeah YOU. I know tons about classic rock. I haven’t delved deep into the discographys yet but I know pretty much every band that ever reached somewhat semblance of commercial success. When it comes to the radio…any song that comes on the radio I can name the band and the song name. I have 4 classic rock stations on my car presets that I alternate and I know it all now.

Do you like the moody blues nick? Nights in White Satin is obviously their best song but theres maybe 5-6 songs I really like by them.

I look forward to exploring deeper into discographys once i get bored with the mainstream stuff (If I ever do).

I love the song Legs by ZZ top by the way. It’s my favorite ZZ Top song probably. Love the video.


Yeah, I know both those songs.
If you’re really a conosourre, you’ll want to check out Montrose. It made Sammy Hagar famous, it was one of his first and biggest gigs before he went solo and then joined Van Halen. Also check out Deep Purples “Machinehead”. And of course Freebird.

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Cheap sunglasses.

Do you know “Wasted Time” by The Eagles? It’s in my top 20.