I know life requires a lot of compromising

But sometimes, i feel like a compromised person.


Life can be anything but fun for sure but it can be interesting.

We all live and learn and it’s a complicated process. I may come across as being pretty together most times but there’s people and situations where I’m anything but!

I think sz really does a number on you and that is well before diagnosis for most people. It’s just those psychotic years that we focus on rather than those formative years where we were so different from our peers…That is my take on it!

I really feel like a death so much that I don’t know what it’s like to “belong”.

Sz will often confuse things. It’s nice to touch base with others who are just humans. I’m sorry you’ve missed out on a lot but keep looking forward. I didn’t get diagnosed till I was 29. Boy did I waste a lot of years trying to be normal…

It sux but you move forward. Tomorrow is a better day. How are your friends going where you are. I know you lost a good one a while ago…how are you fitting in and what’s your current living circumstance?

I live in an adult foster care home but keep to myself most of the time. I’m used to the isolation. Being with others makes me uncomfortable after about an hour. That’s all the time I last in efforts to be sociable. The doc increased my meds about a month ago and it feels like I care less now. I guess I’m not as rigid though.

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It’s still nice to share contact. I live with the old man now. It’s almost a year since my mum passed away. Still. I like my life. It’s good without the drama of relationships. I don’t need to please anyone. I just need to please myself…

I think your such a good person @chordy . You do need to appreciate yourself and all though! You’ve done well with what you’ve been given and that is something you should feel good about!

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