I know it's irrational

but sometimes I really think my Pandora is trolling me.


I know its stupid but…how do you mean? : )

I understand it’s based off my likes and ■■■■ and there is an algorithm behind it, sometimes it’s just damn spooky. Like, it plays exactly what I need to hear at the moment or what I do not want to hear but need to hear anyways…or something.

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I know that feeling. Like today I saw this girl I knew and I became attracted to her a lot and was thinking about her, then I put my ipod on shuffle and the name of the song that came up was her name! And crazy things like this have been happening to me for years! Call me crazy but you can’t lie about what I just said.

There’s more subtle examples too.

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Exactly. I don’t listen to live broadcasts and don’t watch live tv anymore because … yeah.
Crazy is subjective btw. :wink:

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Oh, Pandora radio station, lol. Why don’t you say. I’m European I thought it was a mythical Pandora. O.o


Ha! Is Pandora radio not international?

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Soz To Jump In Your Felloishness Conversationalistnesh … ,

I Remember One Day During A Lunchbreak Reading a Rollingstone Article About Computer Sites and It Talked About Pandora … ,

and When I First Made It Back To Tha Hizzie I Was Amazed At That Pandora Nonsense … ,

It’s Pretty Cool … ,

I Skipped A Lot When I Used It … ,

I Might have Discovered BRIGHT EYES From That One … ,

Cool band …

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yeah man, good stuff. I love Pandora. I heard Beats Antique for the first time there … blew my mind.

Haha I don’t think so

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Just now. Regina Spektor radio plays Ed Sharpe, home. Perfect.

Nvr Erd 0V Thoze Dudes OR Duddettes … ,

I Picked Up CASSADEGA From BRIGHT EYE’s and Lissened To It During A Really Sweet Year … ,

I Would Sit In Tha Floor and Stack Magazines Around , Had Some Liquor , Had Some Beer In Wine Glasses Had Some Shot Glasses Had Plenty Of Smokes , My Radio Was STILL Working , Especially Tha Cd Player … ,

During Tha Nite I Would hear Tha News and Hear About Death and Would Drink Some Drinks With Tha Ghostlies … ,

Hallow’s Eve Yo Yo … ,

Read Pieces Of Some Books … ,

Discovered Christopher Hitchens … ,

and Then One Day I Snapped CASSADEGA … ,

Can’t Remember Why …

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Thus Is A Special Woman …

Here’s a primer.


We lost Hitchens too early.

Btw @sleepoptimistic, I love your typing aesthetic.

I Know. (Christians Who Laughed At His Demise Will Burn Intensely For That One)

Can’t Help Myself …

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No they won’t :wink:

Few and Far Between …

Agree To Disagree … :sunglasses:

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It looks clean to me. I had to capitalize the first and last letter of my sentences for a spell. OCD? Idk, whatever.