I know it's Fathers Day and not 77nick77 Day

But my step-dad really pissed me off earlier today. I’m pretty easygoing and tolerant as anyone in my family would tell you but I said something innocently funny and he picked that moment to belabor the point. Ironically, me, my sister and my step-dad were talking about the ink blot test (the Rourdoush test for mentally ill people? Something like that).

That conversation ended but after a pause I told them that most of the time when I was evaluated to get in a hospital a psychiatrist would ask me start counting backwards by 7’s from a hundred. Or they would ask me what is the meaning of the old saying “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones?”

Another popular question is to name the last 7 presidents going backwards from the current president (in my first psyche ward it started at Ronald Reagan!!) to the older ones.

They also asked me if I knew what year it was and what day of the week it was.

I always aced these tests, never got one wrong except my last hospitalization three years ago when I wasn’t sure what day it was.

But during all my hospitalizations in the 1980’s I never got one wrong and impressed the doctors.

But I told my sister and step-dad this just to be funny and let them know one of the trivial quirks of being hospitalized which they wouldn’t know otherwise. My sister was amused but my step-dad picked the moment to start belaboring the point about the ink blot test.

I had a sneaking suspicion he had an ulterior motive. He often starts conversations with provocative statements where you suspect he is pulling some kind of power but you can’t really tell. He does it constantly and he is an ex-professor and highly intelligent and he lives in a beautiful home and he actually does have power.

But I told him I wasn’t talking about the ink blot test. He started pressing me and I just threw up my hands and told him politely I was tired and sleepy and he misunderstood me. I looked at my sister and she understood I was joking but my step-dad wouldn’t drop the conversation and I got really, really pissed. To get him to leave me alone I told him I understood his point and leave me alone.

I sat there getting more and more angry and tried to politely end the conversation. And he finally stopped and I was put in the position of feeling I had done something wrong. But I hadn’t and he gave me a ride home which was a little tense and awkward. I hate to say it but I was thinking to myself that people can be such idiots. I’ve known him for 30 years and he’s not an idiot but he just picked the wrong time.

Oh @77nick77 you were put in an unjust position. I’m so sorry you were provoked in that way. It was wrong of him to press you and instigate! Do you think you will tell him it bothered you? I’m glad your sister was supportive and understood you!


Thanks @FlyingPurplePeopleMeeter . He knew it bothered me and I did give him the evil eye and he knew I was mad.


Ugh! Even more disappointing that he knew he was making you mad and didn’t stop!

Are you still thinking about this, @77nick77? Is it still bothering you?

Sometimes people have their buttons u press on but anyhow weird how ur stepdad reacted

That ink blot test is just ridiculous. I had to take that. The military flew me to California from Texas to get a second opinion on my diagnosis because I appealed it and one of the tests they gave me was that ink blot test.

That lady wrote about 6 or 7 pages of negative stuff about me which basically just said I was in distress. All from saying that thing looks like a bat. What can I say. It looked like a bat to me.

I hear if you say they remind you of something sexual you do alright.

I am sorry that happened to you.

But I can’t believe anyone would take those results seriously. They actually put those results in my medical records.

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It does look like a bat to me too.

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There were several pictures but the only one I can remember looked like.a bat

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