I know im not the second coming of christ

That’s what I’m saying. I’m as guilty as Jesus Christ, but they want to persecute.

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In my case I can’t turn them off.

The only thing you can do is ignore them and not believe their crazy stuff.

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Think of freedom this way. And I have noted in My phone too with a check box.

  • The creator has set { @Corian } free !
  • If not Creator could have not made the world.

By the way you can decide who you want to be,

I have a famous quote :
All people are born as original but many die as photocopies ! ~Blessed Carlo Acutis

So you want to be photocopy or @Corian

Time and time is the only way out with meds for help.

Try and start a Non- Prophet charitable organization. :wink:

Yours are dosile enough that you can ignore them?? Mine are in my head and its impossible not to have a thought about what they have asked me thereby starting a conversation which in no way can i exit my own head. Would be nice once in awhile.

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Lol i have to write this to make a complete sentence so it will post 15 wasnt enough

Im not convinced there is a creator outside of my mother and father the physical human ones. Im also pretty sure that god is not all powerful…

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Also there was implied sarcasm about turning them off. I.e. it wasnt a serious question

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Is some one who is least bothered about our existence!

Is some one bothered about our existence !

Anyways, I just gave my opini-ons


onions have layers :onion:


minions love banana :banana:

:crazy_face: Where I am lost in all these transitions.

To get you mind off these topics which are unusually based on beliefs.

I got some cool videos :camera_flash:

Hope you liked them :smiling_face:

Yep, that is correct. You were created by your mom and dad. Not a “god”

Even this one is a belief, because I was not concious at that time.

I asked my mother after I was born was she conscious because I felt a possibility of swapping :disappointed:

Sz sucks :disappointed: