I know...I said I was going to take a break

And then I didn’t. I gotta come back down to earth more often than the three days a week I’m putting in currently. I’ve been getting to babbling at the fringes of my consciousness most nights now, but it’s not all cons either, I’m back in touch with self and thawing emotionally again which is good to a small extent. Some thawing of the heart is fine as long as I don’t let the damn break and be beset by unmanageable emotional pain and suffering.

But I am babbling at night on the internet and being idealistic about things few are going to understand. My libido is waking up too along with my self and emotions and I’m facing the long, cold lonely nuclear winter that has been the past several years for me.

But things are looking up in some respects as well here. Got word this morning of an email from a guy who is founding a farm to be managed by those of us on the autism spectrum, diagnosed with mental illness, struggling with substance abuse or anyone who just needs to find a little peace on a farm. Farms are wonderful places to find some peace and a sense of humanity.

So yeah, sorry for all my babbling as of lately, the struggle within me continues as always but my community involvement is gearing up and things are opening up and beginning to happen.


Glad you are still here!
let me know about the Farm—Sounds like a good place for my son…

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