I know how this sounds but I don't think it's my liver its my pancreas

I’m convinced I have pancreatic cancer, I have the symptoms, pain in my left rib cage, undigested food in my you know what, I’m going to the doc tomorrow for blood work and a mri

Don’t be surprised if your doctor stops taking your complaints seriously in the near future. This could be an issue if and when you actually do become ill.


Once upon a time, there was a buttered toast.

The end

Go see a doctor and tell them your symptoms.

Do you know how fatal pancreatic cancer is

You could have it for all we know. Let us know how the doc visit goes

There are a lot of different things that can cause both of those symptoms. I’m curious, how old are you?

I’m 30 …

I think you should see a doctor, but I would bet you that your don’t have pancreatic cancer.

The median age of those who get pancreatic cancer is 71. For those in your age range, it’s 1/2%. The chances are almost nil.

Take it from a former hypochondriac, listen to your doctor’s advice and be done with it. When he tells you that you don’t have it, believe him. I have had every major illness known to man. Lymphoma, pancreatic cancer, MS, ALS, Lupus, Amyloidosis, etc. After a million tests and 20 or so doctors, I had none of those things. I eventually just worried myself sick.

And don’t sit around and Google your symptoms, you will lose your mind.

Once again, my advice is go to the doctor, but listen to him/her.

Best of luck.


Yep. I also know how strained our health care system is and what kind of wait there is for MRIs. We don’t need hypochondriacs plugging up the system.


Your doctor’s visit and mri won’t be cheap. Maybe seeing the bill will cure you of your hypochondria.

What a nervous nellie I am. I went to see the doc today and turns out the pain in my rib cage was gas and the undigested food was caused by drinking too much for my body. Wow


That’s great! I’m glad it turned out well.

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Part of Sz for some people, including myself, are somatic delusions, meaning delusions where you believe you have a grevious physical illness. Coupled with paranoia this can cause many worries. Maybe a med change or increase may help?

No offense but you sound a little like a hypocondriac.