I know how it feels to have Schizophrenia

I know that I don’t have a diagnosis of Schizophrenia, but I do understand how it feels to have Schizophrenia, because I had delusions in the past.

I have Bipolar Disorder.

I am sorry that I said that, what I experienced and described is a serious mental illness, I feel related to people with Schizophrenia, but maybe to people who only have history of delusions.


yes being bi polar definitely can bring delusional thought…so sorry about that for you…

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Thank you!

It’s just I believe that I am on the Schizophrenia Spectrum, more specifically on the Schizophrenia Spectrum and Other Psychotic Disorders, because I had delusions in the past, I also have hallucinations, but it was only related to the delusions that I had.

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you very well could be schizoaffective…bipolar with schizophrenia…

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My diagnosis is Bipolar Disorder, but I can get an appointment with my psychiatrist to test if I am Schizoaffective.

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yes sounds like you need to…

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Thank you! I will.

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I made two and one similar post on Reddit that I understand what it feels like to have Schizophrenia, but some people there got mad at me, because I said that I only have a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder.

But, I am sometimes suspicious that I might have Schizoaffective Disorder in remission, because I had prolonged delusions, way more than six months. But that is a question with my psychiatrist.

Delusions before severe psychological highs and lows:

  • Unusual beliefs and delusions that no one has facial expressions until I was sixteen years old.

  • Delusion of guilt for five years, started at age five.

Delusions after severe psychological highs and lows:

  • Delusions of grandiose and paranoid themes for one month, at the age of fifteen.

  • Another delusions of guilt, for five years, started at age fifteen.

I also had hallucinations, but it was not as persistent and was only related to former delusions that I had.

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My first diagnosis was paranoia schizophrenia. Then after being in the wards it went to sza. I hope you get a diagnosis so you can be treated. Hugs


Thanks! I am getting the right treatment, it’s just that I sometimes feel like I don’t fit the accurate diagnosis.

Therapy and the medications that I take is helpful.

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The episodes i had would be indistinguishable from psychosis of schizophrenia. But i have a bipolar diagnosis. I also have had some psychosis where my mood was relatively flat.

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