I know drinking a couple of beers are to much

The hospital called me in to have an examination for epileptic seizure (i had a bad seizure and was hospitalized recently)

When the doctor found out i drank a couple of beers a day, she terminated the examination, and said i was not allowed to drive a car (cause of my seizure)

Waste of time. She knew in advance i was drinking 3-4 beers a day. She could have cancelled the examination…

By the way - i struggle daily to reduce my intake of beers and often have days without alcohol.


did she cancel the examination because she believes you are not willing to help yourself by not drinking? or for drinking on day of examination (before the appointment) or what?


I’m sorry if this has already been suggested prior but could you try a zero alcohol beer? Sorry if that’s not a viable suggestion


She said, that the result of the examination would be “contaminated” cause i drink a couple of beers daily.

But i think it’s just the normal stigmatization. I you drink daily or have an diagnosis you are not treated like normal people at the hospital.

can you survive without a car? what will you do? do you have anybody to drive you around when necessary like a caseworker?

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did she mean in general or did you drink before the appt?

Thats a good suggestion. I like alcohol free beer, drink them daily and want to change my “normal” beers with alcohol free.

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Are you an alcoholic?

I live in Copenhagen, so everything is handled by bike for the most us. No problem.


My great grandmother’s maiden name was Copenhaver. I guess she was part German.

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Perhaps a minor alcoholic. I can easily go days without alcohol and have no abstinences, but i have the craving and drink a couple of beers a day - when i don’t take a day without.


o im so jealous. i would love to live somewhere where i didn’t need a car. glad you’ll be fine without the car though.

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She meant in general, and she knew in advance that i was drinking, so the appointment / examination was pointless.

Thanks, yes, Copenhagen can be a boring city, but everything is designed for bikes so that’s very convenient.


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