I knew this post Being Talked about all over the t.v. would be shut down

it was @Moonbeam

it was the greatest thread ever on this site.

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Lol I barely even read it but I was almost gonna respond first “nope I don’t know who you are” or something

Be careful @Moonbeam has given you more likes than any other user :wink: by 258 over the next user

Why was it shut down?

I sincerely doubt that, but where do you see Daze anniversary?

I want to know if I’m being talked about on the telegraph?


I think you be all set up for a design either false or true,

and it makes the What’s the worst can happen? sort of calculation>

I was banned one week for “Re-opening locked threads” Lucky guy, huh

Folks, I shut that thread down after numerous flags from the community and after numerous post deletions from the Mod Team.

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