I knew I shouldn’t have said it

It was 5 minutes before I got off work and we were all talking.

One guy was talking about his rent being raised. The guy is my age and he’s kind of a supervisor. And kind of not. I was trying to join the conversation but I knew I shouldn’t ask him how much his rent is. Then I said that maybe he should apply for Section 8. I was just trying to be helpful but I knew I shouldn’t have said it. And I was right.

I don’t know his financial situation but my question insinuated that he was poor. And everybody got awkward and quiet and he shut up and didn’t know what to say and everybody was looking at him. He obviously doesn’t have a lot of money and his silence kind of confirmed it. I embarrassed him in front of everybody. I knew I shouldn’t have said it before I even said it, Now I’m wondering if things are going to be weird between me and him when I go back to work Wednesday.


You can always apologise. Sorry mate. Shouldn’t have put you on the spot. Most people are open to that approach and even if they aren’t it shows your trying. That really matters in the long run. If they don’t accept it that is on them. At least you tried to straighten things out.


Yeah, that’s a good suggestion, I’ll have to think about it.


Hope things are okay @77nick77. Try not to worry too much.

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yea good tip by @rogueone
apologizing sounds like the way to go if you feel bad about it… you’ll feel better probably.

The best thing to do is asking if you can have a private word with him alone and apologise if you embarrassed him.

Get it out in the open between you and him, and it will pass.


I agree with rogueone and labratmat, apologizing would be a good route to take.

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