I kinda wish that my diagnosis would get removed

I hate it so much :frowning:

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Hating it will not change it. You must learn to live with it, just as someone diagnosed with diabetes must get used to giving themselves insulin.

What you can do is make an executive decision that your diagnosis isn’t going to define you. You can still make decisions that can move you forward in life. It isn’t easy, but it can be done.

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I’m trying to but the meds that don’t work are disappointing

Then you need to continue liaising with your pdoc an case manager if you have one. There is a good combination of medications out there to suit everyone. You just need to find what works for you. Some are lucky and find that straight away, others need to do a few trial and see. I know i did.

In terms of being diagnosed, you can actually gain from it… you know what to expect and what your going through and helps you be informed on how to take care of yourself better :wink:

Thought you weren’t diagnosed yet … but either way diagnosis helps in terms of treatment

I mean my psychosis diagnosed

That’s not a formal diagnosis. It’s part of a condition not a condition in itself. I think.

I hate my schizoaffective diagnosis. Even though I’m recovered my psychiatrists still keep me on an antipsychotic.

yea it’s not fun but you have to learn to accept it though… and try to not let it rule your life but keep it in mind for when things are a bit harder…