I keep up to date with volcanoes

There’s an Icelandic volcano erupting since yesterday.

I am going through some changes at the moment.

I wonder if the volcano eruption was influenced by me. Or perhaps the volcano eruption influenced me (thanks @crazydiamond444),

Or perhaps there is absolutely no influence either way.

I used to be obsessed about such things, now I’m just curious :wink:


This is a previous eruption of a volcano nearby


It is kind of beautiful

The intense colour of the lava


Yeah, volcanoes are awesome

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Yep… Very mysterious they are. :thinking: And beautiful sort of.

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Here is that same volcano live, in a music video I think when it erupted last time.
It is so intense colours especially against the darkness.

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Do you know anything about Mount Etna? I think it is supposed to be the second biggest active volcano in the world, or something.


We here have Santorini volcano which is active
but not dangerous


I don’t know much about volcanoes.

But my interest in them became significant when in 2010, the sister of some1 I was in love with or deeply infatuated with passed away.

That same day, there was an absolutely massive volcano eruption. In Iceland.

There had been previous volcanic correlations before to my state of mind not exactly LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS but this one was like the trigger to make me think… Wowwwwww lol.

But ofcourse it could have just been coincidence

And me wanting to wish that I was powerful over nature. Just cos I felt so powerless.


I’ve seen the caldera in Santorini and walked on mount Etna when it was active.

I think volcanoes :volcano: are intriguing.

But no, it’s unrelated to you.


You have zero control over volcanoes. It’s just a coincidence. You need to call your pdoc based on all your recent posts. You may need a med adjustment


You probably don’t control volcanoes. It is probably coincidence. Unless you are god, but you’re probably not god either. I think you’re just a sloth :sloth:

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I didn’t know there were any volcanos near the UK. I’ve never heard it mentioned.


You don’t know where I live…

It gets spookier. I woke up at the same time that she passed away early in the morning, roughly. Which doesn’t usually happen to me. When I saw her memorium photo, I felt so moved I felt like she was looking at ME.

I cried.

She was only 27

I have the same thing, where I see photos online and think people are making faces at me based on what has been going on in my life.

Oh OK. Sorry to hear that. For me I don’t usually get that online but it was in particular with her…

Her eyes kind of reminded me of mine too.

I just felt so sad for her that she had to die so young. Idk why.

How did she die?

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She got a rare form of brain cancer :cry:

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Thanks for the curiosity. She just seemed to have an amazing heart tbh. So it upset me. I got a bit obsessed with her, just slighlty.

And then she was a cute angel in my psychosis too. Trying to help me feel more feminine.

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Haha you’re funny. I just realised u said I’m probably just a sloth. Don’t u dare burst my bubble :joy:

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