I keep thinking that I'm dead

Here we go again I guess.

I find this to be the weirdest feeling. I’m sure you are not dead and this is just the illness. Can you get some help today so you feel better?

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Not really but I see my pdoc on Monday

It is a weird feeling. It’s like I’m dead and in the afterlife, experiencing life still but like its detached

I’ve felt this way too. I just keep doing my normal schedule but I keep notes on things because I don’t always remember what I did and what I just thought about doing but it wasn’t real. If it gets worse call someone and make sure you make your Monday appointment. Do you live alone?

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I have also experienced this – like I had a near death encounter but by some odd set of circumstances I lived and missed the boat of crossover so now I’m just wondering ''what do I do to bridge the gap when my time comes???"

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No I live with my parents. I dont talk to them about my symptoms. They’re not understanding

I’m going downhill fast today. I woke up fine. But then had that thought and now can’t get it out of my head. I heard a voice and just now heard a fly buzzing but I couldnt see any. I took a nap and had nightmares

I was just asking if you were alone because I didn’t want you to need a call for help and not have anyone there to get you to a doc or something. I’ve been having a weird week too.

Would your pdoc see you tomorrow instead of Monday? If you’ve moved from feeling dead to hearing things then you might need to go on in. Idk how you typically progress but that’s worrisome.

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She doesnt see people on weekends unfortunately. I’ve only had a handful of times where I hear things but I agree it’s not good

Oh it’s Thursday here. I didn’t realize you’re ahead of me. We’re all here if you need to chat over the weekend. Don’t be afraid to call a hospital for help.


You’re right its Thursday. Idk what I was thinking. But I work all day tomorrow anyway

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I’m tired of talking about this stuff to people I know in real life. No o e ever says anything. Just awkward silemce

Yeah I learned in the first few years that people don’t really want to hear about my schizoaffective disorder, so I do my best never to mention it or anything related to it. I just come here to talk about it instead.

Anything I say to my mom about the illness just makes her worry about me.

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I don’t think they know what to say. I mean if you’ve never heard voices, seen unreal things, or experience a bizarre belief it’s hard to know what to say. We can tell each other things like “I have felt dead before” but it probably sounds strange to others. We just have to accept them as much as they should accept us.

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