I keep thinking about the Gov't

I think they want to separate me from my kiddos. Take me away and put me into some kind of home.


Do you have a co parent? Or are you single?

I think they prefer to keep kids with their parents, funding is pretty tough. They really only consider it when there’s signs of neglect or abuse.

I think you may be paranoid. Kids can be stressful, please keep calm, and get through this hard period. Your child loves you, you love your child, there’s no reason to separate you, if you can take care of them.

You may think you’re not doing the best job, but you’ll find that there are worse parents, whom don’t get their kids taken from them.

Your kid wants stability and they need to be able to rely on you as an emotional support, so if you need to talk to a therapist or need to vent here you’re welcome to, its not a sign of weakness.

You sound a little too alarmist to me. There would be a fairly lengthy process before they did that. They would conduct interviews.

My ex husband and I have joint custody. 1 week on and one week off.
Two of my kids are adults and on their own. The other two are teenagers. They are such incredibly wonderful kids. The part of My mind that isn’t feeling paranoid knows I’m a good mom and my kiddos love me so much and I love them so much.
I always have some paranoia around the government.

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I would be a lot less concerned with the government if I lived in Canada. I’m not sure if that helps, but I really envy you guys sometimes.

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It is a good place to live. Elections are coming up soon. I hope that doesn’t change things too much. Always more stressed as they approach.

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