I keep reading about spinal cancer

I’m freaking myself out. I’ve lost my appetite. My legs feel weak. I feel fluish. I know it’s very unlikely that is what it is but my brain won’t let it go. Maybe I’ll have to go in Monday. Was hoping to wait til my dr appt a week from Tuesday. Maybe I should try to go to bed. I don’t know. Life sometimes sucks.

I have never heard of spinal cancer. Do they not have urgent care clinics where you are?

I have two types of insurance. It is free for me to go. The prescriptions are a couple dollars each though.

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There is emergency at the hospital but I don’t trust them here. They are horrid to people with mental illnesses. I will wait to see how I feel Monday so I can go into the clinic walk in. It’s all free (I’m in Canada).
I should stop worrying. I should stop looking online at all the scary things it could be.

As much as you can, try to wait until the doctor runs tests and gives you a diagnosis. I know it’s hard.


@FlyingPurplePeopleMeeter is right. Everyone has cancer if you go by the Internet. Stop reading about it. Just see a dr and let them evaluate you. Feel free to ask for xrays or mri or whatever so you can be sure and feel better.


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