I keep on hearing mumbling voices

I think it’s the first time. Dunno if it’s just the fans but the voices are coming from there audibly a low mumbling. When I walk out the room they go fainter. In bathroom they’re hardly there. If my sister was awake I’d ask her. WTF? Is this real or not? How do I know? Maybe see if they there in sunrise tyme tie me time

Sorry for confusing post earlier I didn’t mean to upset anyone :persevere:

Hugs))) @Hadeda
Try to relax and unwind.
Go to a dark quiet room.

Make sure you contact your doctor and ask for emergency meds like benzos.


Sounds like a TV on low

Does your Dr know that you’re taking less than the prescribed dose? Tell your Dr these symptoms, maybe 200mg amisulpride isnt enough. My positive symptoms are 90-95% gone. Just occasional door bell ringing or my mother calling me by my name. It doesnt bother me as it rarely happens.


I’m taking 400mg amisulpride for the last three days.

Before that I took 300mg for a few weeks

I’m hearing mumbling still and I keep on hearing the dogs come into the room but when I look there’s no dogs there

Just checking up on you. Is the mumbling sound still there?

I tend to hear stuff like conversations in my dreams. It’s really weird.

oh that’s annoying. I would talk to your pdoc and see if they can adjust some meds if you keep having this.

When I’m not adequately medicated, I hear faint, mumbling voices like a TV is on in another room. And when the central heat or air turns off, so does the mumbling.

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