I keep daydreaming

I keep daydreaming and it really makes it hard to focus. It really occupies my mind. How to stop daydreaming?

Is there anything a doctor can do? Are there pills for it?


Wouldn’t hurt to ask your doctor about it. I’ve found a good shrink gets a handle on how you are going mentally and always worthwhile asking if you’ve an issue. Might be something you could change and or tinker with…


You and me both man. It makes it difficult to pay attention when around others or during work.

Makes me absentminded. And it is frustrating and draining.

Recent visit to doc told him about it. He ignored it.

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One doctor told me I had a rich fantasy life. I guess.

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I’ve found that the typical antipsychotics keep your mind from racing, but they do it by making you feel so miserable that you would feel lucky to get your daydreams back.

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