I just worked out for the third time

I just kicked the soccer ball around for the third time. I worry about not being able to work out because, I’m stressed out and depressed. So far I haven’t had any problems while working out.


Thats awesome! If you keep it up everyday it will slowly build up. I started walking a few weeks ago. I first could barely walk around the block which is less than 1k and today I took 5 minutes off my overall pace of my daily 3k. Combined with clean eating I haven’t felt this good and clear in a long time.

Keep it up!


Yeah it makes me feel better as well.

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I’ve found regular exercise helps the negs and depressive thoughts. I’m a big fan and think it can help a lot of people so well done to you.

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Thanks rogueone…15151515


I also just took a shower. That’s a big deal to me because I have trouble taking a shower.


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