I just want your input on my output guys :)

So Ive been … Lets say broadcasting my thoughts for about ( Since Ive noticed ) 4 years. I have not been diagnosed or even seen a doctor. I just looked up broadcasting my thoughts and this forum popped up. Ive looked it up before when I first noticed and nothing came up. At that point I just tried to completly ignore it and have fun w. It. I have good days and bad days w. It. So I read other peoples things about it and how its a sympton of schizo. Which stopped me like what?? The thing w. Me is I truly believe people can hear me and I usually get a reaction from it. Never a spoken reaction. Just little things I connect. Like looking at me crazy if i said some crazy or laughing if some I said was funny. Usually I’m just like its a coincidence, its the universe talking to me. It sounds crazy out loud. But its soooo seems so real to me. Its like you can FEEL my energy. Especially when I have my own facts to prove it… I dont hear other voices. I dont hear anyone talking to me. ITS ONLY ME THINKING MY THOUGHTS. Feel me? Some of you believe in god and in miracles and there are no set facts. & I think thats crazy. But its crazy to believe that my thoughts are broadcasted. I legit can sit with someone and they feel that ■■■■ too its like an energy.

If you’re not losing sleep or getting sickly who am I to judge…? Just be careful… And feel welcome to say hi here as often as you like.

Of course doctors are around too if you need them…

I myself am sza and I’m cool with it bud. I feel I’ve grown in ways many Normie’s don’t… So I count my glad tides

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It wasn’t too much fun for me . . .