I just want to give up


I am beyond discouraged at the moment. I have been job searching for the past two months and nothing has come of it. I’ve had 7 interviews, yes 7 I’ve even had two working interviews that went really well and still nothing has come of it. I’m afraid I’m going to work food service for the rest of my life. I’m just so tired of trying so hard and not getting anything out of it. Who knew that the dental field was so hard to get into.


Don’t give up. Keep pressing on. Good things will come to good people and you seem like good people. :zebra::zebra::zebra:


Thinking back, I loved my food service jobs the best with the exception of waitressing which was hectic. Hang on, you might like it better than you know.


I agree with @GrayBear . Keep on trying. Is there any dental employment agency near you? You could give them your resume and they might be able to find you work.


I don’t believe that there is a dental employment agency around me. I’m just beyond frustrated and getting really discouraged. It’s affecting my mental health right now, I swore to myself that I wouldn’t let this interfere with my mental health, yet it’s happening anyway.


Don’t give up! 15


It’s not you, jobs are hard to find, I know in my city many are without work


It takes some people longer to get jobs than other people. Maybe you’re not getting hired because there are not a lot of job openings for dental assistants where you live. Maybe there is a lot of competition for those jobs where you live.

I might suggest going in to a few dental offices and ask if they have time to talk to you and pick their brain if they let you and see what it takes to get hired in a dental office. Ask them how the market is right now for people looking for your type of job.
Maybe ask for some tips to make you stand out above the rest of crowd applying for jobs. Maybe they will give you some tips on how to stand out in a crowd of people who you are competing with.

If your friendly and polite then maybe some employees at dental offices will help you a little to get a job by giving you some information that would tip the scales in your favor.

It’s funny because I am two blocks away from one of the biggest streets in this area and I drive up and down it fairly frequently. When I moved here a year and a half ago the first thing that stood out about this city is that this street is lined for miles and miles with different shops, stores, gyms, restaurants, karate studios, drug stores specialty shops, car lots, fast food joints, hardware stores, etc. When I drive on this street I am always struck by the fact that it has everything. It seems you can get anything imaginable.
One business has stood out though and that’s dental offices. It seems there is one on every block continuously for 5 miles or so. There’s so many that it’s almost laughable; why does there need to be so many, lol?

But anyways, yeah maybe you can try calling different dental offices at random and ask if you can come in and talk to them for 10 or 15 minutes when they have time. I also think the idea of trying to find an employment agency who place professionals or semi-professionals or people with enough education to work in an office setting.

Maybe you could go back to the places you got rejected at and ask them politely and nicely, what you did wrong in the interview and ask them what you did could do to improve in an interview. They might help you. Don’t go there angry or with an attitude, all you’re after is picking up some tips on what to improve on for your next interview and what you could do better for the next time you apply somewhere.

I don’t shoot for the stars when I go out looking for jobs, I’ll pretty much take whatever I can get. So I’ve worked doing labor or stocking shelves at many different department stores, restaurants, assembly work, or any job I can get. But I’ve been out of work for many months at a time before. A lot of finding a job is luck. Just being at the right place at the right time and impressing some human resource lady so she offers a job on the spot. Or walking into a department store a day after someone there quit and they give you the job. But it’s taken me half a year to get a job before.

One of the best ways I used to find jobs is word of mouth. I tell my family or friends or acquaintances I am looking for work and can they keep their eyes and ears open for any job openings they may have heard of or read about. And the people you ask can also ask they’re own friends or family if they have heard any job openings.

Anyways, these are my suggestions. Persistence may pay off for you. Sometimes you just run into a streak of rejection but if you keep trying it’s possible you may find a job tomorrow. You never know. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


I applied to McDonalds like 3 times when I was younger and I couldn’t get a job. But one day I got hired at a grocery store.

So yeah it can take time and persistence


My daughter originally looked into it until she saw the competition to get into those programs at college/university. She would have needed a 92% average to be accepted by the post-secondary institution. Most of the kids applying for that program won’t get in. Crazy.


The dental field often asks for 5 years previous experience. How does anyone get that experience?! I completely understand why you’re frustrated.


Maybe there is so many offices because new dentists that can’t get a job end up opening there own practice


Maybe. Possibly.


Aw man I’m sorry you’re having a hard time with finding work. Honestly I think something will come up sooner or later, don’t give up hope yet!


Here I go again, another interview today at 2pm.


You know a field where nurses are in demand. RNs etc. I was looking into jobs online for a hospital. I want my crappy drug store job back so I can front products and put truck day up.