I just want my friends and family back

they’re there but they seem like inanimate objects. i just want them back

in the grocery store today i couldn’t focus on what to get every person seemed to be mentlaly attacking me

no i havent been in a plane crash but suffering can be internal it doesnt have to be an impressive trauma yes i was psychotic and delusional no i wasnt in the army but who are you to tell me or know if im suffering or not

wihtout the past in the way there would be no psychosis for anyone

its all my fault im not a victim im just a selfish ■■■■■■■ and everyone i know secretly pities me

Cheer up bluey :sunny:

my therapist told me he thinks that the amount of thoughts going through my head at any given moment is roughly ten times the average prson and ive been reading eckhart tolle and lisetening to his aduifobooks but i cant stop thinking man i dont’ know what to do on top of that its impossible to live with my dad

im too fragmented its never going to be normal again ■■■■ this

You seemed to be doing quite well up until this. I hope it passes. I have good times and bad times.

The not thinking your family is real… and feeling that disconnected with a lot of head circus going on… I bet it’s stressful…

I hope you feel better soon…

for me… that sort of stress… makes the head circus go up to 11. Then it’s a vicious cycle.

I know your hurting now… but I hope things level out for you and you begin to feel better.

Hey bluey, try and focus on what makes them human, the little things, the way they touch their noses, or scratch their heads, how they express their feelings in subtle ways, how they have routines and stick by them… It helps. Helped me a lot to see those things.

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