I just smoked my last cigarette

I’m dying here. And he, of course, is smoking. Even with the patch, an I’ve had 2 lozenges now so far, I’m still crazy. What I wouldn’t do for a smoke. He was out there puffing on butts, which is just gross to me. His friend who smokes came and got him and I didn’t ask for a smoke, but he did. Now he’s with him smoking up a storm maybe, probably, idk? And I have nothing :rage: :rage:

And I have no good food and I’m waiting on grocery delivery so I can’t even eat anything to make me feel better. This is hell.


Hey you’ll get through this @Leaf I know it sucks right now but you can do it!!

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Good luck. I quit in 2002 and wish I’d never smoked. Though I loved it at the time.


I quit today too!!! Here I go again! I have quit hundreds of times just whatever you do make sure you never ever smoke it’s a filthy habit that is horrible for you and for people around you. You don’t want cancer nobody does well smoking causes all types of cancers. Heart attacks stroke emphysema and cancer yuck you don’t wanna be on oxygen do you don’t be a loser and smoke! Be great and stay smoke free!

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I tried twice this week to quit, but could not make it. The problem is how I am on cigarettes and how without. I also hear more voices and get more delusions if I try to quit smoking.

I quit in 2018. I tried dozens of times before I succeeded. U can do it!

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You can do it! Way to make the smart decision!

I quit smoking over a year ago. I was in the hospital for most of it so I didn;t have the option. I’m chewing nicorette like it’s candy but at least i’m not smoking. It’s rare I get a strong craving for one now. After meals alot. I’m really happy about it. As much as I miss it I don’t miss having to go to the store all the time and paying for it too. I thought I’d never quit I was a 2 pack a day smoker.


At least you didn’t say “I’m about to have my last cigarette”
Good luck
So many positive wishes your way

How did it go @Leaf?

I’m still smoking, sigh

I want to quit smoking too

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