I just realized I've been telling myself I can't have any friends

Due to being hurt. I guess I never finished the healing process.


I don’t have any friends either really. It’s difficult to pin point the reason.

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I stay away from everyone, have good reason to, Makes for a horrid life though and can drive you to insanity if you need to talk and no one to talk to.

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Take care of your emotional need may help. For example, listen to your favorite songs, enjoy your favorite meals, etc. I think the healing is a long process.

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I’ve always been a loner and never had a good best friend in my whole life.

I had plenty of “friends” in my past that were not true friends. They usually betrayed me and/or used me.

I got tired of that so I’m just trying to be good to myself and to the nice/kind people on this forum.