I just realized I have powers!

I can astral travel! I went to sleep and traveled to my moms bed because I miss her. She told me she thought I was in her bed! I was but only by spirit. Wow!

If I had it, I would travel to Pamela Anderson’s bed.


Yeah, I don’t know if you believing that you have powers is a good sign @ZmaGal . I’m glad it brings you some comfort believing that you can visit your mom in astral form, but this could be a symptom. Moving to unusual beliefs either way.


You not gonna like the power bill that comes with. Start saving up pennies now.

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Yeah…this is most likely a hallucination or vivid imagination.

I’m sorry, but you need to bring this up with your pdoc. It isn’t healthy. And I even believe that about normies who discuss such things.


But my mom saw me in her bed and felt me there! This is amazing!

Then your mother is hallucinating. There’s such a thing as shared delusion.

Please contact your doctor.

This does not sound healthy at all. Sorry.

@ZombieMombie @velociraptor

My mom is a normie. I won’t post about it if you don’t want me too, but I’m excited about this! I used to be a prophetess. I thought it wasn’t real after a while, but maybe it was! I’m super excited about this!

This is worrisome to hear. I think you need to talk to your pdoc about this.

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My mom had the same experience. I used to know things before they happened. Maybe this is part of it! This is great news!

I’m closing this as you aren’t seeking recovery from your delusion, just trying to convince others it is real.

Please get help ASAP. You’re not posting normally. This is concerning.


This is definitely sounding more and more concerning. Not only are you having these astral projection beliefs, you are now starting to believe past delusions. I really hope you will consider talking to your pdoc/therapist about this.

A thread where a person is trying to convince others of their unusual beliefs and not open to logic, is one we would usually close. I did not because you are usually very open to reason @ZmaGal . Frankly, I’m not sure we should leave open at this point. You seem absolutely convinced.