I just read a blog about appetite control

and I’m following it’s advice. It said to never eat unless you are hungry. Not unless your stomach is literally growling. It said to always ask yourself if your cravings are a “want” or a “need”, and to only eat if it is a need. I’m doing this now and I find I’m eating far less as a result. It said not to eat meals according to certain times of the day, but to eat only according to when you are hungry. I take meds that require eating a meal along with them so, this advice is kind of hard to put into practice at all times. But, I can at least put it into practice between meals.


Gina you look very skinny. I don’t think overeating should be a concern for you :grin:

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It is a concern for me since my weight is slowly creeping up. I have slowly gained 13.8 lbs. since Thanksgiving.

If it keeps up like this, I will be back up to 200 lbs. in no time.

I see. But winter time is notorious for weight gain. You will prolly shed some if not all of that come summer time.

What’s your BMI? (a shameless question sorry)

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About 24.3 BMI. I know. Within normal. But, barely.

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