I just put nicotine patch on

I hope I can quit,I am going to try my best


Try nicorette mouth spray, it helped me to quit for 3 months. Nicotine patch made me hyper anxious all the time and also my sleep was really unsettling

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Good luck! 15515

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Were you a smoker? I ask bc you can get prescribed Chantix which apparently really helps. Nicotine patches are expensive and it’ll cost a lot over the long run. Just my .02.

Does that actually work? I found the only way to stop was cold turkey, with patches it just made me look for excuses to smoke…

I don’t know.I tried many times to quit with chantix,gum or patches.This is another try

I tried.I still but cigarette,but when I smoked it,it feel awful with chantix

I hope quitting smoking is worth it.I felt it’s taking up much of my time and I needed to walk away to smoke.

Keeping and maintaining the habit of smoking is annoying – always a bugging feeling when you can’t have a cig — bummer …it’s expensive and just feels like a crutch …
I hope you can stop

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I have nicotine spray that works like a charm

My wife still smokes one-three sticks everyday.I hope both of us can stop.Smoking probably made us both waste time

If you quit together it might be easier.

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Yes that’s the best case scenario.I will do whatever it needs.I’ll do my best to stop first,probably setting an example

Maybe replace the cigarette with a healthy alternative?
Quarter in the jar, tea, hit the gym maybe?

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I’ll see.I exercise everyday though.I will spend my time on YouTube/gaming for relax.I love coffee too

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