I just made a new appointment with a therapist, she's also a chiropractor, does anyone else think that's weird?

After being ghosted by my therapist about a year ago I’ve decided to find a new one.

Gods know, I need it.

Oddly enough, I found someone in our little village.

She’s super expensive and doesn’t take insurance, but it’s worth it not to have to go out of town.

The thing that does bother me,

She’s also a chiropractor.

I have my suspicions about chiropractors and they’re not all positive.

I’ve decided to give this woman a chance because she’s so convenient,

But I don’t quite know what to think.

Does anyone else think it’s weird?

She has a PhD.


I have heard of some people saying they Alexander technique’ helps their mental health. My understanding is that is about posture and movement

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Not all chiropractors are bad. I only go to ones who respect modern medicine as well as chiropractic. She may have needed to do 2 jobs to make ends meet. Or she might genuinely have interest in both. I wouldn’t worry about it

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I just looked at her website,

Its pretty granola.

I don’t know if she’s ready for a straight up schizophrenic in the middle of a crisis.

But she’s older and has probably treated a lot of people.

I’ll give her a shot.


I would give her a try, you never know.
Good luck @goldenrex.

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It’s kind of a red flag for me when a therapist doesn’t take insurance. It makes me feel like my treatment will be more based on “so how does that make you feel?” rather than “Here is a set of coping skills you can practice to manage your behaviors.” Still, you won’t know if you don’t try. She could be super cool.



I saw several red flags on her website.

She considers herself a “modern medicine woman”.

I’m not sure if that’s my style and if I’m going to get what I need out of her.

I guess I’ll try and see.

If she tries to sell me supplements, I’m out.


You could always message her and ask what her familiarity is with CBT or what methods she uses. If she doesn’t ask for a list of goals at the first visit though, I would guess she’s more for neurotypical people who just need to vent rather than for actually treating mental illness.


Yeah, I don’t think I’d be up for that. I would definitely come up with some specific questions to kind of screen for red flags. Maybe even email then before you see her.


I think it’s cool

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