I just happened to think - the same was true of men

A couple of days ago I was complaining that girls didn’t get to participate in a lot of activities that were for boys only. And then, I got to thinking that, in my day, the boys were not taught how to cook, clean or sew, in other words how to take care of their basic needs. Similar neglect and injustice.


Roles were more traditional while I was growing up. Most men were the breadwinners and women stayed home and watched the kids and cleaned the house. That’s exactly how it was in my house in the sixties.But in the seventies, my mom branched out and became a teacher and a published writer. She would have done more but her health was not good.

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not really was assumed wifey would take over where mummy left off. never never wash a mans clothes!

Hooray for gay households. The end of that ■■■■


I like the traditional roles. I am a housewife, and love to stay at home. I wouldn’t want to work except at home being a writer and doing chores. I’m all for men taking the jobs out there! I believe we are better suited to the roles we receive as men and women. Men have a natural pride in their work, women are more peaceful at home, not that women can’t work, but they are suited to the household duties.

I’ll talk about the odd path SZ has put me on, I’ll talk about my drug days and rabid days. I’m pretty open about a lot of my life… and I still blush when I tell people that I know how to knit.

Yep… I learned how to knit in a hospital and I still know how. I never run out of hats or blankets.

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That assumes marriage. I never wanted wedlock.

That’s pretty cool!
I tried to learn, but I got about six inches of a very narrow scarf made and my teacher told me that I had been purling. Not knitting. That ended that.
I don’t have the patience for it anyways. All you do is count, count, count.
I hate to count.
I would rather work outside the home than in it. C can take care of the house. I hate cleaning with a passion.