I just had intense floaters in my eyes

They were so intense they were silver lines shooting across my eyes when I moves them.

I freaked out. Felt like I was on acid. A real trip fml

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Go to the eye doctor ASAP. This could be the sign of a detached retina.


Do you feel lightheaded as well? It could be a sign of either low or high blood pressure…

Yea thanks I hope so

How old are you?

Sometimes you readjust and no longer see them like my Mums.

Though it might be worth mentioning it to your Dr or optician to see if it’s a more serious problem.

Really? I see eye floaters all the time? Like colourful orbs and shapes and patterns that move all weird when I look at them.

I always thought this was just one of my visual hallucinations? Is it something I should look into?

Yes. Many floaters in your eyes can be the sign of an underlying problem/ possible damage.

Book an appointment with an eye doctor as soon as you can.

Floaters are okay,

Black curtains in your vision is possibly a detached retina.

I used to work for an ophthalmologist…


Flashes of light, and many floaters are a sign that you need to get checked out…just to be safe. :wink:


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