I just had another sleep paralysis

I just had another sleep paralysis. I simply hate it.

And another nightmare…

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im so sorry, sleep paralysis sucks

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I had a lot of violent voices today at home and at school also.

People are joking and laughing at me in school, maybe they think I’m different and eccentric. I can’t trust everyone of my school.

Sleep paralysis sucks. I’m sorry you have to deal with that. It’s always so scary when it happens to me. Usually accompanied by nightmarish hallucinations. Never fun.

I just had another sleep paralysis right now. :cry:

Indeed. 3 .

Astral projection is next after sleep paralysis but you have to keep a positive mind throughout the day to prevent a negative episode

I’ve had that and Astral projection. Astral projection was the most insane dream experience of all time for me.

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@haete @anon31257746

I had false memories while dreaming.

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Stress is a big trigger for sleep paralysis and hypnic jerks, and then the lack of sleep from that causes more stress during the day. It is an endless cycle unless you can find a way to de-stress.

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