I just got my second

Covid 19 vaccination today. So far I feel fine. I had the shot at 2 pm. It is now 11 pm.

Does anyone know if this vaccine, Pfizer, protects against all strains or only one?


I read that the vaccine protects from all variants but its slightly less effective for variants other than the orginal covid.

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I think the article was posted in the covid thread. You can find it in Google too.

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Thanks for the info.

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According to tonight’s news it’s only the Astra-Zeneca vaccine that doesn’t protect against the African variant.

Pfizer is the best one from what I know. It’s the one I want when I finally get vaccinated.

From what I’ve seen the Pfizer vaccine is the best with variants, AstraZenica is the worst (especially the S.Af strain). Who wants to bet the AZ vaccine is the one we get in Canada?

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