I just got back from my pdoc appt

My pdoc agreed to put me on oral Risperdal!!! Yay!!! He’s going to start me on 1mg of oral Risperdal in six weeks, then bump me up to 2 mg. See how that goes. If I go sideways, then I’m going to go back on the Risperdal Consta shots and forget about going to Panama. My doctor wants me to wait a year before going to Panama. He wants to make sure I’m doing well on the pills before I go anywhere.

It seems like the doctor and my transportation driver both agree that Panama is not such a good idea. They both say that Panama is an unstable Central American country and unsafe for North Americans. I don’t know. I have a year to think about that.


Why Panama? I’ve wanted to see Chile and Brazil.

Because that’s where I want to attend a Spanish language and yoga immersion program they have there.

I take 4mg of oral risperidone everyday.
Congrats @Gina2.
Yeah I personally don’t think that going to Panama is such a good idea.
It’s not the most stable country around.

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I emailed the Panamanian company and told them to send me my deposits back and that I changed my mind about going there. I told them that I did not have the adventurousness to go there after all.

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I think it’s good you decided not to go. It’s too dangerous.