I just got a hand written letter from someone I don't know

Really weird. It said to house holder, and it’s on A5 paper handwritten.

This person has taken a lot of effort to send me this note.

She talks about religion, and is a Jehovah’s Witness (Sorry if I am not allowed to say this)

Should I email her? This must have taken her some time to write.

She said she’s local - I might be able to help her in some way with groceries or something with all this Covid thing going on, or maybe she wants a friend.


You sure its not to convert people to become Jehova Witnesses? They used to come to our house, my father told them to never come back as my parents are Christian. I don’t believe in any religion.

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I get those sometimes. They’re meant to find converts or seek money.

Yeah @Aziz is probably right. Jehovah’s witness’s are famous for house calls to convince people to convert. That’s probably what it’s about. I had them come to one of my houses in the past also.

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Jehova Witnesses don’t allow blood tranfusions if you’re sick and need one, even if you’re dying.

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Ok, I will ignore it I think. It had a website linked and I just read their views on homosexuality and other things, and we don’t see eye to eye.

There is a film called ‘Boy Erased’ on Netflix now about Gay Conversion therapy, and what they say on this article literally makes me understand how these people can justify that sort of practise in the US

Sorry I am not trying to tread the line of religion and the rules here - I just never had a random stranger send me a handwritten note like that before


wow. I did not know that.

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Yea its like a sin for them and impure.

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Just put it in the bin and ignore it. Used to get them all the time at my old address. As said - they are fishing for converts, its part of their religous remit.

I had a Jehova Witness friend, once he wanted me to become one I told him no as I am not religious.

Hey, I got one of those last week.

It’s handwritten and addressed to me and includes a bunch of Jehovah’s Witness pamphlets.

Actually, it’s still in my mail stack. Here it is.

I got approached at the library not too long ago. Some old guy sat down at my table and started small talk. But as in most cases he had an angle and suddenly the conversation drifted towards him being Jehova and about the religion. I saw where it was going and left.

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No, they’re stalkers and will give you years of grief. Toss the rubbish. You have enough mental illness of your own without also taking on hers.

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I got a letter from some jehovah lady not too long ago. I threw it away. I was raised baptist .

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i had that happen to me once. i wrote them back and then they harrassed me for months with letters and visits, all because i didn’t think the world was going to end or something. it was years ago. i wouldn’t write back unless your interested in the religion.

She’s going to proselytize and try to get you to convert. That’s what they’re supposed to do in that religion

That’s exactly what I got.

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I made the mistake of emailing Scientologists once. There main uk head quarters is in Burgess Hill up the road here.

Had to change my number in the end - was getting hand written “invites” for a free personality test thru the post. Scary lol.

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