I just found something out

I just found out one of my friends has cancer. And her family doesn’t have the money to get her treatment right now.

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So sad …dont goverment help with this…cuz America is developed country…

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Maybe you could start a go fund me page for them, When I was your age I had a friend that had cancer, all I could do back then was be there for them, spent many of the last few days up very late with them just doing what ever they wanted to.


@far_cry0 I don’t really know. Maybe

@Mountainman I think they already started a go fund me page. I really hope they get the money they need. I’m going to be there for her as much as I can.


I hope selling off house and car is the last resort to raise fund.

So sorry to hear this @ChildOfFate. I lost a Grandmother and an Aunt to cancer. It’s a terrible illness. I send you all lots of light and blessings :v:

Maybe they can contact St. Jude?

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I’m so sorry. When I had a brain tumor, my parents couldn’t afford treatment either. So my mom’s friends threw a fundraiser event at our church. A ton of people came, and they ended up raising enough money for me to get treatment. Could you help them with something like that? We did a spaghetti dinner, and a bunch of local businesses donated items for an auction.

If you have bottle redemption centers where you live, you and your friends could go door to door collecting bottles and cans. It doesn’t make a ton of money, but every little bit helps.

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She should look into government-assisted treatment payment. They must have programs somewhere to help people who can’t afford it. I wish the best for your friend.