I just found out

I just found out that my husband’s best friend from high school warned him that I was a little odd in the head. My husband said that’s one of the reasons I attracted him. But I wonder why he said that if we barely knew each other. Yes I was odd, but we hardly hung out around each other. So I’m guessing my supposed best friend told him that, as she was dating my husband’s friend. I know it was so long ago, but I hate that someone called me crazy.

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Don’t worry about it. People talk. I hate it too


My husband had a friend who used to talk in a similar way about me. He used to make me feel really bad with his comments.

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My mom told me that I was really weird from about 6 months before the time I started having some symptoms and on. Was still gregarious, but something was off, she said. Made people uncomfortable.

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