I just found out risperidone can cause potassium deficiency

Risperidone and other old generation antipsychotics can deplete potassium.
I’ve started eating more bananas and potatoes.

Just letting anyone know who might be on risperidone.

I feel fine anyway, but feeling even better adding potassium.


Im eating a banana rn lol have been because I am on fluid pills they also deplete potassium which is a salt and essential for brain body health they gave me potassium in the hospital when i left but have had serious issues related to edema

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I’m on Invega Sustenna and my doctor tells me my potassium levels are too high.

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Oh wow. Be careful then.

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Yeah I get potassium from body armor lyte, coconut water, bananas and baked potatoes mostly. I think a normies RDA is like 3500mg which seems like a lot for an average American diet.

Supposedly potassium should balance the sodium at about a 3/2 ratio and I feel a bit off if I don’t get at least 1500mg of sodium a day.

I have to limit my magnesium though because of my bp med. Even small amounts can make my pressure go up.

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Thanks for the advice.

I think the rda of potassium is too much.

I eat a banana every 4 hours, and eat more potatoes and cucumbers too.

I try not to go over the limit, but potassium definitely calms the nerves.

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Aren’t you on abilify? You switched to risperidone? That can cause high prolactin which leads to a series of problems


I’m on risperidone consta injection, and I take a little Abilify now and then.

I’m on Invega and eat a banana each morning!

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