I just found out i have maladaptive daydreaming


There is no such diagnosis, but everything i read about maladaptive daydreaming fits me, when brain goes wrong, it becomes many mental illnesses combined together.


About this, I enjoyed reading a bit about the, as depicted in the article, Brain in Neutral.

Without a diagnosis, how are you supported?


Is this video portrays true symptoms?


I used to do this.

Man, I am so ■■■■■■ up.


Seems like an offspring of delusion. Or flashback


I do this… Maybe not to the extend of this video however I do have running conversations with myself where I’m imagining how a conversation with the other person could go.

I’m not sure I would consider this a symptom of sz or related disorders as the person is aware that it is imaginary and the other party is not real. It’s a hypothetical conversation or what could be said not what is really being said.

Or I’m even less ‘normal’ then I thought :wink:


I read that some people benefit from taking N-acetylcysteine. I am going to try one day.