I just do not understand!

Last week my appointment with my therapist went over by twenty minutes. He said that I was finally opening up and didn’t want to stop it short and had lost track of time. I have been seeing him for seven years usually I don’t say more than two sentences at once. I don’t know what my problem was that I was talking to him that day. Anyways my bus came and left without me. Dispatch said no other bus could come get me. Therapist took me home in his car. Terrified. Very small car. Thought I’d get hurt. Started seeing the devil and hearing voices. Don’t understand why he didn’t let me walk the eight miles in the -25 windchill. Why would he be nice to me? He asked if I was afraid of him. I said yes. I afraid of all men (nightmare childhood and past). I am short, fat, ugly and stupid why would he be nice to me?

Maybe you’re getting better that could be a good thing.

So you think he is being nice to me because I am getting better?

People can be very nice with no ulterior motives. Several times I have been on the road and people have given me $20.00 and expected nothing in return. There have been numerous times when I have gotten lesser amounts - $10.00 or $5.00. Every time the giver asked for nothing in return.
Your pdoc would have been remiss if he had let you walk home in the bad weather, particularly since he let the session go on longer than usual. If something bad had happened to you he probably would have been legally liable. I doubt if he had any hidden agenda or ulterior motives. He was probably just covering his ass from the law.

Lots of negativity in your last line I’m sure that’s not the case. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder for one. Intelligence can mean nothing at times. As I’m sure you have many skills you just take for granted that I would be very envious of.

I often find being happy is the best sure way of weight loss and your working on that in therapy. Comes down to leaning to love yourself as well as love life. Your not alone on that and many here are in the same boat, Myself included.

I think if I’d known you for sometime I’d offer you lift also. Scratch think eight miles in the -25 wind chill it’s a no brainier. No alternative motive. It’s just the right thing to do.

He sounds like a good man and therapist. Hopefully it will help with your issues with men also.

He remembers everything that I say and remembers the names and what they have done and said or are doing of people in my life. He tries to make me set up little goals, the only one I have kept is to keep a journal. Yesterday, he told me that there are no rules for journals that I can write what I want if I want to put feelings in it or what I am thinking about that that would be ok. Right now I just put down what happened that day.


Wow that is a dedicated therapist. You’re very lucky!

He sounds like someone who cares about his clients. Don’t think too much into it.