I just didn't want to be afraid anymore

I think that was why I self harmed as a child.


I’m afraid all the time especially when I get triggered or post my thoughts here or on youtube or just generally online or when I talk about my delusions.

I’m sort of used to it. Not necessarily numb from it. I still feel the emotions it’s just dulled a bit and I have my faith and sort of accepted my fate.

As adults, I think we’re expected to learn how to calm ourselves. It’s a tall order but we, supposedly, have the resources.

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I self harmed as an adolescent because it calmed me down. I finally realized causing myself to bleed wasn’t a good coping mechanism and I stopped. I went through a lot of therapy to get there


It’s okay to be scared. It’s also okay to keep going.

I can’t always change how I feel, but I can always change how I handle those feelings.


i self harmed in my teens / early 20s but i also learned it was not a good coping mechanism and i stopped doing it… i have had periods later where i started doing it again but always short periods of time.

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