I just cannot stop

I’ll look into Rosetta Stone (I’ve heard it mentioned before).

It was out for a long time. Is probably cheaper than it was before too. I bought my copy so long ago that all the CDs are scratched and it wasn’t cheap. I wish Muzzy still existed, it was great for teaching kids a second language back when my sister and I were kids. I talk like we’re old but the early 1990s to me were so long ago. I was born in 1986 so I only remember like one year of the 80s and that seems like 3 centuries ago.

My sister feels even worse. Next April she will be 40 and I get to call her an old fart again. It’s been a tradition of ours since my sister turned 20 to call each other on the phone and call each other old darts. I did it to her, then she got to do it to me and it’s been a tradition ever since lol. I should get my nieces to call her an old fart too when she hits 40. Then when my oldest niece hits 20 (she’s 15 now so not far away) the tradition can continue lol.

I also used to call my sister pistol (her name is Crystal) when I was like 3 because she would be like “mom Shane is trying to call me a bad word!”. I was. I was trying to get away with it because at the time it was the only bad word I knew and her name sounded like it to me. Can’t remember if I did or not lol. I also used to call her “sissi” which she had to become an adult to accept as a joke and would call me bro bro in return lol, idk why we stopped that.


welcome to the forum. i related a lot to what you said. It’s hard indeed…

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