I just can not concentrate on reading one book

I started reading ‘Gone with the Wind’ in English two months ago, but then I stopped and have not continued, I just can not concentrate as it is with other books too. This book would be interesting because I lived in Atlanta nearly 10 years.

Do you have similar problems?


Someone just opened a similar thread on this subject today. You might get some advice from it.

Do you think you would have an easier time with concentration if the book was written in Finnish?

I do not read Finnish books either.

Don’t feel bad. I tried reading GWTW and got like 600 pages in before i gave up. I realized i just didn’t care that much about Scarlett O’Hara’s life to read anymore. I tried though.


I like to read multiple books at the time aswell. What type of genre do you like reading, I like non-fiction books.

Try to read while listening to your favorite music,

I used to have difficulties reading.
When I had voices I don’t think I could at all.
I go years without reading sometimes.

I am grateful that I can read but don’t think I can read to complicated things but keep it pretty simple.

I am so happy because I was given a historical romance book and i can read it and am enjoying it and am not as slow as usual either.

I have not read many books in my life but am grateful to be able to read now.

I hope you will get in to your book and enjoy it.

Things can get better.
They did for me n I hope they will for you too .

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